How To Become A Freight Consultant - Udemy course 40% OFF

In this course you will learn you do NOT need a college degree to make a $100,000 a year income!

You will:

Learn about an exciting opportunity in which you can participate and how you can make money in the world of transportation sales and logistics consulting.

Learn how commissions are generated in this industry.

Learn sources to find manufactures who transport products - the accounts you will be calling on.

Understand the backend of the business and the web based platforms (known as load boards) which list all the available trucks ready to transport your orders.

Understand overages, shortages and damages, as well as a bill of lading. You will gain the knowledge needed to avoid the brokers who do not pay their bills.

Have the advantage of understanding where the industry is heading and the role technology will play in this ever changing industry.

Work with data and realize the dominant role it will play in the future of trucking.

Download the FMCSA database, import it into Google sheets and then export .csv files into the contact manager of your choice.

Be ready to prospect for business and have chosen a CRM.

Understand what a Paydex is and how import a role it plays.

Be able to find a broker to work with using the Data Driven Shipping website.

Be taught ways to get hired in the industry and you will have the ability to use the data to reach out and make contacts and offer your sales services.

Finally you will be given an overview of starting your own business as a sales agent or logistics consultant.

Udemy course :

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