Leading Under Pressure - Psychology of Stress and Leadership - Online course 100% OFF

This isn't a managing program, it's psychology

It's about YOU. Your thoughts, blocks, obstacles, stressors, and how they affect you and the people you care for. Within every craft there is always a mental side of performance, and leadership is not different

Why this course?

No matter how good your intentions and technical skills are, leading others and dealing with this pressure often require a completely different set of mental skills. This program is aimed to be the solution to that problem.

Learning Objectives

Developing the ability to lead others starts with the deep understanding and managing ourselves and our emotions. The course will start by aiming to understand our physiology and psychology of our body and self under stress and move towards how to build that into influencing the lives of others.

Understanding the biology and psychology of the stress response. Understanding personality and the role it plays in our behavior so that you can better understand yourself

Tools for performing under pressure, dealing with fear and anxiety so that you can better manage big moments and performance anxiety

Recognize the role of recovery and how to effectively implement new habits so that you are able to apply the changes you need

Learning the art of skillful and effective leadership, leadership styles, building motivation, and more. So that you can be there for people who need you

Hi, I'm Matteo

I've been studying everything about the human body and mind for nearly a decade now. I applied that knowledge in my sports practice, in coaching, and in the office. 

There were a lot of mistakes done along the way to be where I am now, some heartbreaks, some stagnating periods. Some days it felt like I had to rebuild it all from scratch, over and over again. Often nobody teaches you how to mentally and emotionally handle those moments.

Unless you've been lucky, there are lessons that nobody teaches us, and these are the mental skills we need to do what we do, and to do it well. This program was made to give you exactly those psychological skills. To hold yourself and act in a way that is mindful and authentic.

This is my way to pass that knowledge along and share it with you.

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