Video Editing with iMovie for Beginners - Skilshare Course 100% OFF

Welcome to this iMovie course. You're going to learn how to edit videos from start to finish, in 30 minutes, with no prior knowledge.

iMovie is a free video editing program that comes included with your Mac computer or other Apple devices. I have 4 different YouTube channels, create online courses like this one, and do client work using iMovie.

Class objective: You'll learn a solid basis of iMovie:

- Creating a new project

- Understanding the interface and how it works

- Importing footage

- Trimming and cutting video

- Adjusting audio levels and adding a soundtrack

- Adding and customizing text

- Adding and resizing images

- Applying smooth transitions

- Color grading and white balance

- How to record a voice-over

- Exporting a video with the best settings

This is a beginners tutorial. You'll be able to create great quality videos in half an hour, without spending any money on expensive software nor paying a monthly fee.

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