Building A DJ Set - How To Record And Promote Your First Mix - Udemy course 100% OFF

What you'll learn:

Learn A New Angle Of DJ'ing!

Learn Exclusive Transition's!

Learn The Basics Of DJ'ing!

Learn How To DJ Like A Professional.

Learn How To Differentiate Yourself From Other DJ's.

Learn How To Market Yourself As A DJ And Get Sets.

How To DJ From Scratch.

How To DJ Online For Free.

How To Beatmatch.

Learn How To Record A DJ Mix.

How To Mix In Key.

Learn How To Transition Between Hip Hop And Another Genre.

How To Perform In front Of A Audience.

How To Develop DJ Skills In Your Spare Time.

Learn How To Find Your Sound.

Learn How to Become A Professional Club DJ.

Learn How To Use Hot Cues.

Learn How To Use FX.

Learn How To Organise your Crates/Playlists Strategically.

Learn How To Hold Down A Crowd.

Learn How To Order Your Set.

Learn How To Record A Mix.

Learn The Fundamentals Of The Art Of DJ-Ing.

Learn About The Ideal Beginner Set Up.

Watch a Full 1-hour Hip Hop Set with Live Transitions Broken Down!

Watch a Full 1-hour House Set with Live Transitions Broken Down!

Udemy course :

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