Meditation Teacher Certification for a New Career or Hobby - Udemy Course 35% OFF

In this Meditation Teacher Certification Course, you will learn:

How to get better at meditating and not thinking

Earn a meditation teacher certification (upon completion of sample submission)

Sound editing software tutorial for recordings & room requirements

Improve your voice for speaking and recording

Learn how to explain benefits and purpose of the practice to anyone

A broad range of meditation systems are explained

Learn to use chakra power with voice for manifesting & energy

Learning what your favorite meditation style is and those best suited for you to teach

Mindfulness and teaching meditation in your office

Learn places to teach meditation or sell online

Sound room creation, setting up space, free and low-cost

How to use sound bowls and music in class (and when not to)

Learn important details in guiding those with PTSD or back to being outside of home

Udemy Course :

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