The Art Of Time Management - Udemy Course 100% OFF

Omar Meho is a DJ, Life Coach, musician and is here today to help you with this course including his top tips about time management. He has taught over 10,000+ students on Udemy and runs a succesful global business called Music Workflow Academy where he teaches music production & djing. As a passionate self-help expert, he wants to spread his wisdom today and help as many people as possible with his talent, tips and tricks.

It is his pleasure to bring you productivity insights including:

- SMART Targets

- Time Blocking

- Tasks

- Exercise

- Meditation

- Systems

- Social Media tips

& More

Omar Meho is passionate about self development, has read 1,000's of books and has a degree in business and one in music.

He is here today to bring you a comprehensive guide on time management so that you never have to be late to your destination or goals again

Udemy Course :

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