The Happiness Bundle - A step by step course to learn 14 Secrets Insights to craft a Happy Life! - 100% OFF

Turn your life to a Happy Magnet (that automatically draws #positivity, #love and contentment far beyond your wildest dreams into your life)

By the end of this course, you'll learn about:

- How to Rewire a toxic thought : Understanding this, you’ll be able to eliminate negative thought patterns and replace it with a positive belief which will help you stay balanced even when situations and circumstances are against you.

- How to use the miraculous power of the Subconscious: You’ll gain understanding of conscious and subconscious minds and how through mind management you can create a life you own.

- The secrets behind your Karmas(Actions): Through this you’ll understand how intentions behind your actions are more important than the action itself. You’ll learn about how to create good imprints on your mind.

- Decoding the real source of happiness: Through this, you’ll unlock the secret source of happiness as highlighted in Mandukya Upanishads. You’ll be amazed with the discovery that happiness was so simple to seek.

- How to stay positive: You’ll learn techniques of how to stay positive for effective mind management

- Secret Power to Heal Hurt: Whether you’re going through a past hurt or guilt, you’ll be able to get hold of the power to heal any hurt you are facing.

- Power of Gratitude: You’ll learn about how to practice gratitude in simplest of ways which will let you appreciate life in a greater way. 

- Effective Law of Relationships: You’ll learn Vedantic insights for a happy relationship & an answer to the question “Whether you should really be in a relationship?”

- Secrets behind Superstitions & Lucky Days: You’ll unlock whether superstition really work or are they fa├žade? You’ll also gain understanding of how luck plays a role in your destiny which will help you seek more control of your life.

- How to make Perfect Decisions: You’ll learn 5 steps to perfect decision making through the insights of Vedanta. This will help you make a great decision whether it’s in work or in your personal life.

- Unleashing Multi-Tasking: You’ll learn about how multi-tasking is over-hyped and what it does to our mind. You’ll learn the magnificent art of doing one thing at a time.

- Affirmation and 8 Golden Tips: You’ll get a guided affirmation for subconscious conditioning and 8 Golden tips for quick change.

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