How to Make YouTube Thumbnails in Canva - Skillshare Course 100% OFF

This Canva course is aimed at content creators who want to make great YouTube thumbnails.

This is the process I follow, from start to finish, to create eye-catching thumbnails for all of my YouTube videos, as well as some Skillshare courses. Recommended for beginner and intermediate levels.

Thumbnails are extremely important. Without an attractive thumbnail, many people will simply skip your video. This means you're losing potential views AND clicks.

In this course I demonstrate how to design effective thumbnails with Canva, going from easy to more advanced techniques. You'll learn how to use both free templates and your own images.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on Earth, so it's vital to stand out and get views.

Topics discussed in the course:

Editing free templates

Uploading your own images

Changing color and fonts

Adding or removing elements

Blurring backgrounds

Adding shadows

Pro tips

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