Qualitative Research Skills For Industry Professionals - Udemy Course 100% OFF

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the circumstances we would use qualitative research and allow you to determine where in your day-to-day life you might need to conduct some qualitative research. It will do this by teaching you the methods we use in qualitative research, providing you with a toolkit to analysing your data, and building your confidence in presenting your findings to the different audiences you may face in your day to day working life.

What Will You Learn?

Our qualitative research skills masterclass is filled with practical tips, lessons and guidance that will help you master a new set of skills that are vital to the 21st-century business environment.

Through a series of short video-based lectures, you will learn how to:

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the reasons we use qualitative data, and when qualitative data can benefit your research

Effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods, and confidently chose the method best suited to your needs

Develop a toolkit of analytical skills that will enable you to interpret and analyse any qualitative data set

Design and deliver your own impactful and insightful qualitative research project

Communicate your findings effectively to a diverse range of audiences

Become a more flexible and adaptable researcher

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