Top Ten Mistakes New Designers Make - Udemy course 100% OFF

When I work with my coaching clients and students, these are the big TEN that always stick out - and are so easy to avoid!

If you aren't getting calls back, your portfolio submissions are getting skipped or you just wonder what the heck you might be doing wrong for thongs to be this slow... you owe it to yourself to check out this class!

From my 20+ years as a freelance designer, I'll cover the very basics you should be looking for in your portfolio, your submission tactics, and some other helpful behind-the-scenes tricks that will save you time and get you those interviews!

Submitting your portfolio for college?

Bidding on online jobs?

Looking for an internship?

Polishing your website to get out there in the job market?

Or just wondering where are all the clients?

Save yourself time, energy, and MONEY by double-checking your efforts against this top ten list.

Includes FREE eBook - Top Ten Mistakes New Designers Make to follow along and then revisit easily when needed. The eBook also includes a handy worksheet any designer will appreciate.

Udemy course :

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