Building Big Data Pipelines with PySpark - MongoDB - Bokeh - Udemy course 100% OFF

We will be building an ETLP pipeline, ETLP stands for Extract Transform Load and Predict. These are the different stages of the data pipeline that our data has to go through in order for it to become useful at the end. Once the data has gone through this pipeline we will be able to use it for building reports and dashboards for data analysis.
The data pipeline that we will build will comprise of data processing using PySpark, Predictive modelling using Spark’s MLlib machine learning library, and data analysis using MongoDB and Bokeh.
You will learn :
How to create data processing pipelines using PySpark
Machine learning with geospatial data using the Spark MLlib library
Data analysis using PySpark, MongoDB and Bokeh, inside of jupyter notebook
How to manipulate, clean and transform data using PySpark dataframes
Basic Geo mapping
How to create dashboards
How to create a lightweight server to serve Bokeh dashboards

Udemy course :

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