Learn How to Create Spiritual Connections in Dating & Relationships - Online course 100% OFF

- Do You Feel Disconnected and Alone in Your Relationships?

"Couples are frustrated and disappointed, failing to adjust to the world of change together and deciding to part their ways to search for something more or someone different in hopes of increasing the quality of their lives."

"Those who have been in relationships five years or less were the most severely hit, doubling the rate of separated newlyweds pre-pandemic."

"The divorce rate is 34% higher than pre-pandemic times and separations peaked during quarantine."

- Do Singles Have it any Easier?

"Singles feel defeated, lonely, isolated, are afraid to date, they crave touch, are filled with anxiety, and must face an uncertain world alone".

"This crazy-world-flipping-upside-down-thing is creating a lot of depressed, impassioned people who are frustrated, angry and in search for more..."

Online Course Free Link :https://courses.relaxedrelationships.com/courses/Create-spiritual-connections

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April 12, 2022 - 11:00 AM PST

Here's What You Will Walk Away With...

  • Learn how to Attract a Spiritual Partner.
  • Discover how to Navigate the Challenges of the Heart from a Higher Perspective.
  • Realize why you are sometimes Lonely and Frustrated.
  • Come to Know the Spiritual Path of Dating and Relationships.
  • Know the Number One Cause of Relationship Failure and Learn how to change it.
  • Diffuse the Narcissists, Love Bombing, Ghosting, and other Red Flags. 
  • Gain Unshakable Confidence in the Unknown World of "Others".

Grab this Online Course for Free:https://courses.relaxedrelationships.com/courses/Create-spiritual-connections

Understand Your Self

The empty-searching-longing, sometimes lonely feeling you have is because your power is currently misaligned. Learn why you are attracting what you don't want.

Know Your Blind Spots

When you don't make your power real, you experience yourself as powerless. Discover the number one reason relationships fail and what you can do about it.

Step Into Your Power

I invite you to realize the importance and the power of your willingness to say yes to seeing life (and your relationships) from a Higher perspective.

Hi, I'm Lisa~

I can give you insight into how you can APPROACH THE CHALLENGES OF DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS from a higher perspective, not from a woo woo place but what it looks like in the day-to-day "real" world. Where do these examples come from? MY OWN PERSONAL SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

You should experience what I'm going to share with you THROUGH YOUR FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE and decide for yourself how you will ALIGN WITH THE INFINITE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE. 

Grab this Online Course for Free :https://courses.relaxedrelationships.com/courses/Create-spiritual-connections

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