Generate More Sales With Social Selling - Udemy course 100% OFF

In an online world, you must master the art of social selling if you want to influence online and generate more sales. This course covers the power of social selling, including the importance of integrating social into your current sales process so that you can use it alongside the phone, email and face-to-face meetings.

This practical programme introduces you to modern relationship-building techniques which have the aim of leading to sales. We’ll equip you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to generate excellent results by leveraging social media to connect, engage, educate, and develop sales opportunities.

What You Will Learn

This course has been specifically designed to take your instructor Janice B Gordon's robust 'Scale Your Sales' framework entitled '7 Essential Strategies to Social Selling Your Way to Success'. The intention is to supercharge your social engagement, offer relevant value and open targeted sales conversations.

The course will help you master 7 key objectives:

  1. Identify who your most valued customers are
  2. Understand your audience better through social
  3. Define and optimise your personal profile for sales
  4. Engage and connect your prospects with personality
  5. Create visibility through content that educates ideal and key customers
  6. Turn social conversations into sales opportunities
  7. Create your social selling customer growth plan

Through a series of short video lectures and exercises you will learn:

  • What has changed in sales and selling?
  • Why social selling is an essential modern sales tool to scale your sales
  • What social selling is and is not!
  • The essential skills needed for social selling success
  • How to create a personal brand and profile page that helps generate leads and start conversations.
  • How to define and optimise your personal profile for sales
  • How to nurture your network for prospects, create engaging content that sells, use social tools for your best advantage, and, most importantly, turn social interaction into pipeline and sales revenue!
  • How to understand your audience better through social
  • How to engage and connect with 'personality'
  • How to create visibility through content that engages and educates
  • How to turn social conversations into sales opportunities
  • How to create a social selling customer growth plan

Udemy course :

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