How to Setup a Clean Windows Computer - Skillshare Course 100% OFF

    If you've just bought a Windows laptop or you're coming from another operating system (like MacOS or Linux), you're in the right place. What you'll learn:
  • Initial setup steps
  • Removing unwanted apps
  • Choosing startup programs
  • Cleaning the taskbar and menu
  • Turning off background programs
  • How to change your privacy settings
  • Browser customization for productivity

Why should you take this course? New computers usually come with tons of pre-installed programs that make it slow, as well as some settings that may compromise your privacy. Here you'll learn how to fix that.

Who is this class for? New Windows users or anyone who likes a clean and minimalist setup. Productivity-focused individuals that want a computer that runs smooth and safeguards their data.

What you'll need: A laptop or desktop running Windows 10, although this configuration can also be applied to other versions of the software too.

Skillshare Course :

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