Learn Git and Github, the simple way - Udemy course 88% OFF

In this course, we will not waste much time discussing the technicalities of git. Frankly, you do not need that to begin using git. We go straight to the point and practice the commands for you to see them in action. You will better understand it when you see it in action and use it yourself.

Git is a distributed version control system. It is used by almost all software developers. It is a tool you cannot afford not to use. The shorter development cycle facilitated by Git as compared to other version control systems is very beneficial.

However, git is not only used by software developers. Git can be used by product managers, designers, customer support of an organization, the human resource department of an organization, people who manage budgets, and many others. For instance, git can help prevent marketing from putting much energy into collateral for features that aren’t popular. Git can let designers test new interfaces on the actual product with little overhead. Git can let you react to customer complaints immediately.

Git enables individuals and corporations to be agile in their work operations. They are able to work on a separate part of the process at hand without affecting other parts. In such cases, they are able to find out quickly what works and what doesn't work. More efforts and resources can thus be channeled into those that work and eliminate ones that don't work.

Realistically, If only you use a computer and do any form of editing on it then you can benefit greatly from using git. This course aims to take the fear of git out of you. We use mainly simple txt files to go through the main concepts of git. Git simplified will give you the basics and confidence to use git on all your projects.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/gitsimplified/?couponCode=F8DD870F485F1640E198

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