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Take care while working with pathogenic microorganisms wear coat when you are in lab and eliminate after finish keep the lab plate for gear possibly wear gloves while managing microorganisms clean table when test veil eye shield get your hand far from mouth and eye and nose utilize mechanical pipetting report the spill and sanitize the region well wash hands after any technique manage fire smooth little one with towel huge one use adhere to the directions remembered for lab security manual be proficient in dealing with magnifying instrument there are many sorts with many purposes brilliant field magnifying instrument dull field magnifying lens stage contrast magnifying instrument fluorescent magnifying instrument electro magnifying instrument it is fundamental apparatus work on utilizing the magnifying lens with low influence medium influence high influence and take care when use oil inundation focal point cleansing the main subject in microbial science without keeping your current circumstance sterile it is difficult to get Apure culture sanitization strategies heat sanitization by radiation disinfection by sanitizer synthetics utilization of antimicrobial bacterial culture is a strategy for disconnect bacteria the way of life might be normal in beginning or manufactured or both culture might be customary advanced blood agar is improved media They contain substances Blood ,Serum. Concentrate of plants or creature tissues that upgrade development of bacteria Heated blood agar chocolate agar ▪ warmed blood agar chocolate agar warming blood ▪ in water way at 75c for 10 minutes ▪ Until blood become chocolate brown in variety differential or explicit and see it in states which in appearance trademark after culture we want to the ocean the bacterial cell obviously stain our apparatus to change the foundation and ocean bacterial morphology and improve the difference we ocean subtleties differential or underlying setting up the smear and fix on Bunsen fire straightforward stain like methylene blue gem violet negative staining is least difficult strategy differential stain separate the bacteria into two gatherings like gram stain separate bacteria into gram +ve gram - ve it is designed by hans gram he use methylene blue as essential stain iodine as bacteria are not decolorized and stay violet after decolorization carbol fuchsine a red counter stain is utilized to bestow a pink tone to the decolorized gram negative organic entities The corrosive quick stain is an alternate stain in 1882 Paul Ehrlich found mycobacterium tuberculosis the causative specialist of tuberculosis held the essential stain even in the wake of washing with a corrosive liquor blend most bacteria are decolorized by corrosive liquor just family mycobacteriacae and nocardiacea The phone mass of corrosive quick contain wax like lipid called mycolic corrosive render the phone impermeable to most stain procedure created by franz zeil and fredrch neelsen container stain Some bacteria are encircled by foul layer considered case some glycoprotein some polypeptide all seem water solvent hotness fixed smear obliterate the case on the off chance that not fixed slide from slide join negative and basic staining types of bacteria connected with genera bacillus or clostridium produce heat safe construction called spores protection from synthetics and hotness because of thick extreme spore coat Schaeffer-Fulton techniques use malachite green to stain the endospores and safranin or carbol fuchsin to stain the vegetative piece of the phone green spore contained in pink vegetative bacilli

Bacteria to proceed with its life and protect herself produce proteins like oxidases catalase coagulase we utilize these compound in recognizing each bacterium biochemical test are intended for this reason bit by bit you can be bacteriologist simply continue onward

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