Startup Bootcamp & Accelerator by Seedstars - Udemy Course 85% OFF

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to transform your idea into reality, or an ambitious founder navigating the early stages of creation of your startup? Then this course is for you. From developing your entrepreneurial mindset, assembling a strong team around you, developing and testing Minimum Viable Products, to marketing your solution and measuring your performance, as well as pitching and fundraising, this course covers it all. Launching a business is as much a rewarding and fulfilling experience as it is a difficult one fraught with challenges. This course will equip you with the right knowledge, assembled with the expertise of the speakers and course creators, to make your journey a little bit easier. There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to launch their ideas, especially in a world where most industries are transforming at ever increasing speeds. These changes are creating countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to shape the future by unlocking new value, and by creating an impact on their industries, their economies, and society in general.

What you'll learn:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Ideation
  • Design Thinking & Business Idea Validation
  • Lean Startup & Business Model
  • Running Experiments (Prototype & MVP)
  • Designing a Professional UX
  • Competitors Analysis, Industry Mapping, Market Sizing
  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
  • Business and Legal Structure, and Co-Founders
  • Building a Successful Team
  • Metrics and Progress Measurements (KPIs)
  • Financial Projections and Startup Valuation
  • Startup Funding & Investment
  • Learn Art of Pitching and Storytelling

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