The 7 Unwritten Laws Of Music Production - Udemy course 100% OFF

Learn About The 7 Unwritten Laws Of Music Production Including Automations, Mixing, Mastering & More!

Omar Meho has found undocumented techniques within these categories to improve your music production systematically and efficiently!

With these 7 topics covered in this course your music production will go from sounding unpolished and unfinished to finished and industry standard, also ready for the radio!

This course is perfect for someone who is looking for the extra finishing touches to put on a song, or a complete beginner who wants a road-map on how to be a successful music producer!

These 7 topics include:

1. Sample selection

2. Layering

3. Mixdown

4. Auto filter Automations

5. EQ automations

6. Automations

7. Mastering

The science is covered of each topic and Omar delves deep into the specific intricacies and tips of each element and explains how this can help your productions!

Udemy course :

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