Wix Django API - System development course【AWS Python Django 4 RDS (PostgresSQL) 】- Udemy course 85% OFF

Have you ever wanted to get a stable and prosperous life by changing jobs, freelance, or building a web system?

Recently, with the spread of remote work by Corona, the demand for remote system development is increasing, and especially system development using AWS will continue to increase in the future. Corona may settle down in the future, but in the future it may not be possible to develop the system in the company due to another cause.

If that happens, if you have development experience on AWS, you can respond flexibly, and it will be advantageous for changing jobs and freelance.

In this course, you will be able to understand the mechanism of system development on AWS by actually developing the system on AWS.

Also, by using API linkage with Wix, there is no need to design coding with HTML and CSS, and screens can be created intuitively.

Development time can be greatly reduced. I think this will be a great advantage for those who develop systems individually and release services.

You can get a more stable life by building your own Web system and providing services.

We hope that you will prepare for the future by learning API system development on Wix and AWS.

See you in this course.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/wix-django-api/?couponCode=COUPON_20220421

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