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Elena Dexter - a startup product and people executive and founder of Work.Smarter - invites you to join her program, previously only run in small groups and through one-on-one coaching.

This new version of The Path to Work-Life Harmony has been adopted for self-guided online learning and Elena is delighted about the opportunity to share it with Udemy's entire student community!

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Program Summary

Many self-employed people let their business invade too much of their personal space, which eventually turns their life into the complete opposite of the freedom and flexibility they imagined when going into it.

This means living in a state of conflict between wanting to give their business everything they’ve got and not being willing to sacrifice their sanity, enjoyment of life, health and relationships to make it work.

Over time living this way takes a toll on the body and brain, in turn, resulting in getting less and less out of each day while working more.

The root of the problem? A majority of people going into self-employment haven’t taken any training in the most important skills required: planning and prioritizing!

This program shares a few light and effective techniques coming from the most progressive world of planning wisdom: high-tech startups, to help you figure out how to live the life you want now, instead of keeping it on hold.

The program shares a step-by-step framework that will help you:

Amplify the value of your time by recognizing noise and filtering it out

Adopt a healthy philosophy on planning your work and life in a flexible, harmonious way

Shift your mindset to learn how to feel fulfilled with what you accomplish


I understand, that when you already feel like your business has taken over your life and you are having to decide between things like getting that proposal out and attending your best friend's birthday party, the last thing you might want to consider is adding another to-do to your list.

The thing is, sometimes you need to take a step back to set up for accelerating forward. This is one of those situations. 

I know you might be already super-busy, overwhelmed and tired, so I put a lot of effort and care into condensing everything I wanted to share with you into the most concise, easy-to-follow and practical format possible.

The program runs for 5 weeks and will require:

15 mins to 1 hour per week - to watch video lectures (less than 3 hours total spread over 5 weeks)

1-2 hours per week - to apply what you learn to your life and business routines, one step at a time

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