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In this bacteriology course, we present essentials in fascinating strategies slides tests tasks we give a short about history of microbial science he starting points of bacteriology resembled the improvement of the magnifying lens. The primary individual to see microorganisms was likely the Dutch naturalist van Leeuwenhoek, who in 1683 depicted a few animalcules, as they were then called, in water, spit, and different substances. These had been seen with a basic focal point amplifying around 100-150 measurements. The organic entities appear to compare with a portion of the exceptionally enormous types of microbes as now perceived. also, trailblazer partake in upheaval of the science Robert Koch who find anthracis tuberculosis Koch propose Pasteur who found purification maturation autoclaves hot air broiler lister who found sanitization it is science powerlessness to the sanitizer is different talk about morphology how microorganisms show up under magnifying lens after it is stained it shows up in type of cocci bacilli comma shape filamentous winding we give brief notes on bacterial nutrion bacterial development bacterial items we talk about bacterial pathogenicity and harmfulness we give model diphtheria how microbiologist take part in recognizing the reason for sickness and treat it and make immunization

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