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Best Practices for Cross-Cultural Communications, Etiquette, Team Building and Negotiations

Are you a professional that works with international teams? Are you looking for ways to feel more confident when interacting in a global context? Do you want to improve your B2B sales skills when targeting overseas markets? If so, this course is for you. You will learn about a range of topics from cultural values in different nations and how this affects business, to best practices for cross-cultural negotiation.

The course begins by defining the term 'intercultural mindset' and explaining its importance in a business environment. You'll then learn about cultural profiles, subcultures, and cross-cultural values. You'll also learn the risks involved in relying solely on profiles when working with people and how to avoid generalising by taking into account individual differences. Next, we will be discussing the importance of spoken communication, body language, and gestures.

You'll learn about the four main goals to keep in mind regarding cross-cultural communication to ensure your audience understands you. We'll also cover some considerations about business etiquette in various cultures to ensure your interactions run smoothly. Finally, we'll review attitudes to conflict management in different cultures before diving deep into the vital role cross-cultural negotiation plays in our working environments.

If you're looking for valuable skills to help you thrive in an international business setting, enrol today.

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