How to Lease Option a Business - Learn the Alternative to Buying a Business - Udemy course 100% OFF

This course uses my experience in how to lease option a small business either to flip or for long-term operation. The business lease option can be a viable alternative to an outright purchase for many different reasons. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of several benefits of owning a business without the long-term impact or complete ownership obligations.

Unlike purchasing real estate or lease option real estate deals, business lease options have more flexibility, more creative options and do not have to attach the real estate. Additionally, once a business lease option has been finalized the entrepreneur can control the outcome as they see fit. The course also covers what to look out for, or, what not to do (types of businesses not to attempt a lease option).

People and relationships are the key to any successful business and lease options for businesses are no different. The tools on this course are not a magic wand or guaranteed to work without “the work” being done. The tools and resources will guide you to successfully locate and identify prime businesses to lease option.

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