How To Give Feedback Effectively - Udemy course 100% OFF

A 6 Step Model For Giving Effective Feedback Professionally and Personally

The act of giving and receiving feedback in business involves the exchange of information and opinions between individuals or groups regarding their performance, behavior, or work-related activities. This crucial form of communication supports both personal and professional growth and development.

Despite its importance, many people tend to shy away from giving feedback due to the potential risks involved. Getting it wrong could result in hurting someone's feelings or damaging relationships. Feedback is typically provided in a business context by supervisors, colleagues, customers, or subordinates. It plays a vital role in professional communication and can lead to enhanced performance, motivation, satisfaction, and collaboration if given and received effectively.

You will get practical guidance, tools, and exercises to help you master the art of giving feedback. You can apply what you learn immediately to achieve better results in the workplace. If you wish to overcome challenges and acquire the skills necessary for giving feedback confidently in a business setting, this series of concise, video-based lectures is ideal for you.

You will have honed your communication skills and confidence in providing feedback, feeling more at ease when doing so. Enroll today to learn more!

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