Developing Professional Project Plans through MS Project - Udemy course 100% Off

Understanding MS Project software, including its dashboard, various views, and the Ribbon interface.

Configuring calendars by customizing timings, managing resource schedules, and accounting for leaves and off days.

Exploring scheduling modes and the differences between automatic and manual scheduling.

Creating tasks, including the creation of summary tasks, task indentation, and the setting of task durations.

Delving into task dependencies by discussing the four types of predecessors and providing examples for each.

Inputting resources, understanding resource types, their rates, and optimizing their utilization.

Assigning resources to tasks using both automatic and customized methods, and exploring resource leveling techniques.

Managing project costs by entering automatic and fixed cost values.

Comparing the baseline project plan to the actual project progress with examples.

Applying formal formatting techniques, including adjusting the time scale and achieving a highly professional project view.

Inserting logos for branding and customization within the project.

Providing an overview of multiple views available in MS Project for enhanced project management.

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