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"Finally, a free book that shows you how to market your music online..."

This is a free copy of a book that I wrote as a part of my University work.  It is around 30,000 words in length and covers 80 pages.  

Here, you will find...

Tips, strategies and more on your social media marketing.

Little known music marketing sites and resources.

Packed with hints, tips and a-ha moments.

Learn ways to reach more fans, generate more money and much more..

Grab your Free Guide :https://aw18c1dc.aweb.page/p/6553813d-32c7-4434-bf87-1461d8e9337d

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2020 Complete Pyomo Bootcamp: Python Optimization Beginners - 90% off for a limited period

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

Build the skills you need to get your first Python optiimization programming job

Move to a more senior software developer position

…then you need a solid foundation in Optimization and operation research Python programming. And this course is designed to give you those core skills, fast.

Code your own optimization problem in Python (Pyomo package) .

Receive your official certificate

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/optimization-in-python/?referralCode=F87153FEF715654A3B5A

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Become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01). Ace Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

To create a strong knowledge foundation for students, which they can use in career and projects

To prepare and motivate students for further AWS certifications. Most notably associate level certifications like AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate, AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

The questions here are purposely made harder than necessary. Our experience in teaching students and clients taught us the following cycle:

1. You should fail one hard practice exams

2. Be worried

3. Study, review questions from failed exam

4. Try a second practice exam

5. In each iteration your score should improve by 15%

So if you fail an exam in first attempt, you are not alone, and you are not in the wrong track

Approximately 30% of questions surpass the difficulty level of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01). Half of them match the style and difficulty level of AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam (SAA-C02); Remaining half matches AWS Certified Developer Associate exam (DVA-C01)

None of the questions are of the level of AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional. We did our best to pave the way for more advanced exams, but these are just too complex exams for a beginner

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/new-aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-2020-6-full-exams/?couponCode=962988C3728DA1FCFBEE

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This course is a step by step tutorial on how to fully integrate Pinterest and Shopify. It covers setting up a new business account to optimizing Shopify product descriptions.

Shopify store owners will be able to upload the product catalog to Pinterest and start their first Promoted Pin ad campaign with the $100 credit from Pinterest for properly connecting their store to Pinterest.

Expert Pinterest training for online e-commerce business owners to profit from Pinterest!

Pinterest training sessions to help you turn Pinterest into a sales machine! Learn how to repurpose your existing product content so you can focus on getting more sales without additional costs or wasted time.

Create boards of pins on autopilot to make it virtually impossible for Pinterest users to ignore you!

Learn how to create a Shopify store for e-commerce or dropshipping along with automated Pinterest traffic strategies to bring in more sales.

This is a very practical course that covers all the basics you need to get started with Shopify and start selling online with Pinterest traffic.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/setup-shopify-integration-with-pinterest-business-account/

This Step By Step Basic Training Course Teaches How Every Survivor Can Make a Difference in the World Right Now.  

Always Be Strong - Basic Training:

  • Helps You Cope With, Prevent, And Respond To Abuse
  • Gets You More Confidence To Use Your Natural Weapons
  • Makes It Easy To Make A Predator Cry
  • Gives You The Confidence To Use Your Body, Mind And Voice As A Weapon
  • Avoid Becoming A Victim
  • The Real SECRET For Destroying The Foundation Of A Predator
  • How To Take Control Of Your Life
  • Effortlessly Create The Perfect Training Plan That's Right For You
  • Quickly Get Out Of A Bad Situation
  • Escape Violence And Abuse
  • Discover The Best Way To Control Any Situation
  • STOP Worrying About If You Will Be Hurt Again

Some of us are not prepared for battle when we step into the arena.

One in three women will be tossed into this fight to face the vicious monster of sexual assault. Always Be Strong Basic Training is designed to prepare you and your loved ones for this fight by turning your mind, your body, and your voice into a weapon. Join our tribe of arena champions and take a stand against sexual violence.

Graduates of Always Be Strong Basic Training step out into the world prepared with powerful skills and greater confidence. They become highly trained warriors with the tools to prevent, cope with, and respond to sexual assault. Learn these skills and arm yourself to face this monster. We don't want ANYONE to face this monster alone or unprepared.

Online course :https://app.mastermind.com/masterminds/6365

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Tap into the power of your life energy (Qi) and bring focus, clarity, strength and health into your life

The most extensive QiGong video course on Udemy. In this QiGong course, you will learn the wonderful techniques to develop strength, health, and inner peace.

Grab this course 86% Off Udemy :http://bit.ly/qigong-now

The course consists of 20 easy to follow videos with movement, breathwork, and meditation tutorials and sessions.  After completing this course you will be able to do full sessions of movements, standing poses, breathwork, and meditation sessions by yourself.

QiGong practice is a lot more than just physical movements as you will discover in this course. Michaƫl Bijker will take you deep into the QiGong practice of breathing, movement and meditation. You will not only learn postures and movements to cultivate and open up the energy system, you will also learn how to tap into the power of the breath which is needed to go deeper into mind, energy training, and meditation practices. With the breathing tutorials, guided relaxation, and meditation sessions you will become able to understand and master the art of meditation.

Learn the practices to become master of mind and body that you can start doing by yourself to create a solid foundation for your physical and spiritual well being. 

  • QiGong movements to create strength, health and inner peace
  • QiGong Breathwork to open up the energy system and cleanse mind and body
  • QiGong meditations to train the mind and create focus and inner peace
  • QiGong healing sounds to heal mind & body
  • QiGong self healing practices like 5 Healing Sounds Technique and Embryonic Breathing

Udemy course :http://bit.ly/qigong-now

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4k+ Students enrolled in the best ever PMP Practice Exams - Now running at a October Special discount of 50%++"

This course contains five mock exams with a total of 500 questions each - designed in such a way to help you achieve your PMP certification in the 1st attempt itself. We have prepared this course by collaborating with our students who have attempted the real PMP Exam.

The course tests your preparation in all the 10 knowledge areas across the 5 Process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing.

These exams are timed to train you to solve the exam on the specified time and to test your speed in clearing exam questions.

The pass score for each test is 80%, to obtain the maximum benefit from the tests, we advise you to retake them until you get 80% or above, so as to be able to pinpoint the gaps in your knowledge and increase your probability to pass the real exam.

The approach that you should follow to reinforce your learning & improve on your OFIs (opportunity for improvement):

1. Prepare a document that captures all the questions in which you were unable to get a correct answer. Do capture the knowledge area, process group & the topic.

2. Keep making a list of your OFIs for all the practice tests - read through the explanations for each question properly.

3. At the end have a glance at this document to find the topics / areas in which you really need to work hard. We have found this practice of taking note of the OFIs to have helped each individual.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/pmp-exam-prep-based-on-real-pmp-exam/?couponCode=THEGREATDISCOUNT

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Validate your startup idea, build a list of waiting customers, and get paid, even if you have nothing to sell yet

This comprehensive course shows the way how to build a business model around your innovative idea (product or service) and get initial traction without having to put high stakes at risk. It’s not just another video course, it’s a proven step-by-step system based on the research of 1,447 startups. It shows the way how to create, validate, and implement your whole business model.

If you are 100% focused on developing your startup and have no time for other stuff, this course is definitely for you! I’ve designed it as a 2 in 1 system: you learn by working on your startup! Short video lessons explain the very essence and give you practical tasks that you’ll have to do by working on your own startup.

By taking this course:

You will be able to estimate the potential of your startup and craft a sustainable business model around it.

You will find out how to identify and manage risks, save time, money, and your energy creating profitable products and services, as well as increasing the likelihood that customers will enjoy them.

You will understand what insights and assumptions you need to check and what are the most appropriate ways to do that.

You will also discover the formula of an irresistible offer and will know how to make competition on price almost irrelevant to you.

This course will reveal how to improve your sales economy, even if you haven’t started selling yet. You will be able to effectively launch your product or service into the market, and get ready for scaling and the next investment round.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/startup-fast-track-confident-launch-in-90-days-or-less/?couponCode=DON1D2739D487E35829F

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