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Understand the basics of Twitter and create your own account with ease.

In this Twitter for Beginners video course I will take you from zero to having your own Twitter account in no time. Not only that, but you will know exactly how to use it!

Even if you know nothing about Twitter, I will break down all the important elements of Twitter and show you how it all works.

Understand Tweets and Retweets
Learn the difference between mentions and replies
Find out what a Direct Message is to you
What is all the fuss about Hashtags?
Followers and Following - what is the difference?
Find interesting people to follow

I will also show you step by step how to create your own account and what to fill in in the Profile.

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/twitter-for-beginners/

Angular 2, Node.js, Docker & More in 32.5 Hours of Training to Keep Your Skills Ahead of the Curve...

Included Courses in this course Bundle :

1. Node.js: From Zero to Web Apps
This Scalable & Efficient Web Development Tool Is Growing Fast & It's Time For You to Jump on the Bandwagon

2. Angular 2 Crash Course
Discover the Newest Version of This Powerful, Scalable JavaScript Library

3. Google Go Programming for Beginners
Learn the Fundamentals of a Powerful Language Developed & Even Used By Google

4. Learn Python Django From Scratch
Develop Complex, Data-Driven Web Applications with Django

5. Python Web Programming
Start Programming the Right Way by Diving Into Python

6. Beginning Web Components with Dart
Ensure Your Programming Future by Learning Google's Streamlined Programming Language, Dart

7. Introduction to Docker
Leverage Docker to Master Programming Portability

8. Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features
Get Up to Speed on the Newest Version of the Web's Leading Development Framework

9. Introduction to Sass for CSS
Reduce Your CSS Coding Time with Sass

More Detail :https://stacksocial.com/sales/pwyw-latest-in-programming-language-bundle

Debugging for Novice to Intermediate Developers - Udemy Free course
Debugging for Novice to Intermediate Developers Course - Master essential debugging skills needed for professional coding

Debugging is an essential skill every professional software developer needs to master! Best for computer science students, coding bootcamp grads, or anyone just starting out in the field of software development, this course will teach you:

  1. simple yet effective debugging techniques like commenting out code and printing to the console
  2. how Eclipse IDE can help you find your bug quickly
  3. powerful tools like breakpoints and step that show you the internal state of your program while it's running
  4. expert debugging strategies that can be used for any programming language.

This Debugging for Novice to Intermediate Developers course will help bridge that gap between coding for school and real-life. Take that next step in your software development journey and become a confident debugger!

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/debugging-for-novice-to-intermediate-developers/

Learn how to build an app business by making RSS Feed News apps in just minutes! The course you've been waiting for!

What am I going to get from this course?
Learn to build a mobile app with no coding required.
Learn to build a RSS Feed app to monetize.
Learn to build a mobile app.
Learn to build an iPhone app.
Learn to build an Android app.
Learn to build a mobile app business.

Udemy Free Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/how-to-make-an-app-build-an-app-business-rss-feed-news-apps/

Data-Driven Marketing & Social Media Course Discount

97% Off - Data-Driven Marketing & Social Media Online Course - 27 hours of course content

Master Facebook Marketing, Use Google Analytics, Set Up Hootsuite & More

Utilize the power of social media to produce an effective marketing strategy and boost your resume in one fell swoop. You'll learn essentials ranging from using Facebook and Twitter as powerful marketing platforms to extracting insights from Google Analytics. Finally, you'll use these findings to increase your search rankings on Google. By course's end, you'll become a bona fide social media expert with the metrics to prove it.

  1. Gain essential social media skills w/ 11 lectures, 27 hours of content
  2. Master social media marketing basics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more
  3. Boost your social media reach with Bitly, Woobox, Hootsuite & other marketing tools
  4. Utilize Google Analytics to optimize promotion of your website on the Google search engine
  5. Use Facebook to promote & grow your brand
  6. Effectively increase your company's online presence
  7. Course completion certificate included
  8. Free technical support available 24/5 via email, telephone and online chat
  9. Access the 11-module course for 1 year

View More Detail :https://stacksocial.com/sales/the-data-driven-social-media-marketer-bundle

Unity Crash Course - Learn about Key Input in 30 Minutes

This Unity Crash Course course is project based so you will not be learning a bunch of useless coding practices. At the end of this course you will have real world apps to use in your portfolio. We feel that project based training content is the best way to get from A to B. Taking this course means that you learn practical, employables kills immediately.

You can use the projects you build in this course to add to your LinkedIn profile. Give your portfolio fuel to take your career to the next level.

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/unity-crash-course-learn-about-key-input-in-30-minutes/
HTML Awesomeness - Udemy Coupon
Learning To Write HTML the Awesome Way!

Welcome to the HTML Awesomeness Course, where you will learn to compose the nuts and bolts of HTML, the great way.

I designed this course for anybody looking to learn fundamental HTML and start a profession as a rockstar web developer, and also anyone who simply cherishes to extend their insight.

Before the end of the course, you will have a stone strong information of all HTML building squares, for example,

HTML Titles
HTML Links
HTML pictures
HTML Forms

What's more, numerous some more..

I will show you the most recent rendition of HTML5 by the gauges of the W3C Association. These principles are utilized by all the significant organizations on the planet.

Not just I will cover the these points, yet I will likewise give you a chance to practice them by giving you a pop test once in a while.

The perfect understudy for this course is anyone who needs to extend their insight into HTML or get a leg up in the web developer world.

There are no requirements important to select however I do ask for that you come liberal to my senseless jokes!

I anticipate meeting you inside.

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/html-awesomeness/

Learn the Unity 3D Shuriken Particle System - udemy course
Learn how to create game effects with the famous Shuriken Particle System on Unity 3D.

This Learn the Unity 3D Shuriken Particle System course seeks to teach students how to work with the Shuriken Particle System in Game development. The lectures include working with textures and voxels, emitters, modules, smoke plumes and muzzle flashes; all of which are crucial to the success of any game development projects.

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/learn-the-unity-3d-shuriken-particle-system/

85% Off - Cyber Security Developer Course Bundle Discount

Steer Clear of Online Miscreants with 50+ Hours of Hacking & Secure Development Course

Included Courses :

Course 1 : Get Certified as an IT Security Beginner
34 Lectures for Keeping Your Networks Secure

Course 2 : The Fundamentals Of Virtual Private Networks
Encryption, Hashes, Certificates, Firewalls & VPNs - Oh My!

Course 3 : Website Hacking Techniques In Practice
Step-By-Step Ethical Website & Web-App Hacking/Security Training

Course 4 : Learn to Write Secure PHP Code
Keep Your Website Safe from Attacks & Free of Vulnerabilities

Course 5 : Become a Certified Hacker
Understand Advanced Hacking Techniques to Prevent Attacks

View More Detail :https://stacksocial.com/sales/the-cyber-security-developer-bundle

HTML 5 For Grandmothers - Learn Web Building like Knitting Udemy Course
HTML made simple with genuine illustrations. Learn how to make a site with html

In this HTML 5 For Grandmothers tutorial arrangement we are going to learn HTML. When you visit any sites, you see content, pictures, catches and numerous parts. They all additional to site by utilizing HTML. Indeed, even developers of Facebook, Google - likewise this site, Udemy - use HTML.

Thus, essentially you include parts (content, image...) to your site by HTML and you style them by CSS (textual style shading, size, position, picture size and so forth.)

Amid the tutorial arrangement we will consider that you have never attempted to make a site and will clarify each and every progression. Much the same as educating to a grandma j. we utilized loads of activitys for them to be envisioned in your psyche.

The main thing what you should do is viewing the tutorials and making your own practices at home or a bistro with your creative energies. This course will be a flawless guide for you.

What are the necessities? 
- Basic PC aptitudes
- Basic knowledles about projects. e.g. word, exceed expectations, scratch pad
- A PC. Indeed, even extremely old ones OK

What am I going to get from this HTML 5 For Grandmothers course? 
- Develop site pages by HTML
- See how to make content sharing sites like BuzzFeed
- To be eager to learn CSS

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/web-design-for-grandmothers-with-html/

The How To Guide - Using Facebook Live and Ads for Business

The How To Guide - Using Facebook Live and Ads for Business course you will learn how to use Facebook Live and Facebook Ads to market your business more efficiently and bring in more results and that means traffic, customers and sales.

You will learn how to optimize your ads to have a higher ROI and how to market better using the newest service of Facebook, the LIVE function.

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/the-how-to-guide-using-facebook-live-and-ads-for-business/
How to Buy Electronic Components Online - Udemy Course
Udemy - How to Buy Electronic Components Online Course Coupon

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality How to Buy Electronics Components for your Circuits & Electronic Appliance for Your home

What am I going to get from this How to Buy Electronic Components Online course?

Get Free shipping for items they need to purchase online
Take advantage of special offers
Start your first online purchase operation
Get the highest quality at the lowest prices
Break online shopping fear
Know what exactly do you need to buy things online

Udemy Coupon :https://www.udemy.com/how-to-buy-electronic-components-online/?couponCode=PROMOCOUPONS24.COM


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