Thursday, January 7, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Master Gmail - udemy free course

Master Gmail - udemy free course
From novice to professional in work! Includes the bonus apps of Hangouts, Contacts, Tasks & Keep.

Gmail is a lot over sending & receiving emails. With a knowledgeable user at the controls, Gmail can help organize your messages (& your life)! You can personalize the app to your personal style & have it perform tasks for you! First, learn the basics of composing, formatting & inserting attachments, links, photographs & emoticons. Then, quickly master advanced features like stars, importance markers, labels, filters & labs. Discover tiny known features like last activity & other hidden gems! In the Contacts section, you will manage the people in your world & communicate more effectively with groups. Finally, uncover the bonus apps: Hangouts expands Gmail to include text, voice & video! Tasks mange your to-dos & Keep is the place to generate & store notes. All this in Master Gmail!

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