Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Version Control Basics for Programmers & Web Developers - udemy coupon

Version Control Basics for Programmers & Web Developers - udemy coupon
Git, Bitbucket and SourceTree: Take control of your code using this easy to follow guide.

Version control is something every web developer or programmer ought to know.

This coursework gives you a quickstart in to using the popular Bitbucket and SourceTree program. In case you are new to Git, Bitbucket, SourceTree or version control then this is the coursework for you.

Version control is the technique which records the changes you make to your projects, files, folders etc. This means if they mess up, or are unable to locate a bug, issue etc, they can revert back to an earlier version before our changes. By the finish of this coursework you will be comfortable with:

How to set up and install Bitbucket & SourceTree
Generating and cloning repositories
Committing & pushing changes
Pull requests
Generating branches
Merging branches
Forking repositories and team collaboration
note this coursework is for beginners and is not an in depth look at Git, version control, Bitbucket and SourceTree. however you will have all the skills you need to successfully apply version control in your projects.

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