Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Raaz Bhuiyan

Learn Automation with Geb and Spock - Coupon 50% Off >$10

Udemy Coupon Learn Automation with Geb and Spock
Simple way to page object demonstrating with help of Expressive Groovy

Only course on Geb and Spock automation which covers basics of Groovy along with tip and tricks (Strong basics) related to Geb. Till now it has maintain a momentum of 4.3 rating and more than 30 percent of students have given a very good feedback and are ready to share this with any of their friends and colleague.
So give a momentum to your automation career.

This Learn Automation with Geb and Spock course will be the best sidekick to learn two tools in a solitary exertion and here you will learn the essential of cool with delicacy of Geb computerization system that has filled the crevice those are noted in Selenium WebDriver structure. So Geb structure is going to give you a superior thought to execute computerization without hardly lifting a finger with incredible delicacy.

This Learn Automation with Geb and Spock course is going to give you an open door

1-To learn awesome scripting/programming dialect

2-Provides simple to execute page object displaying without any difficulty

3-Will likewise learn one new testing system Spock that is going to have the kind of three tools




4-this Learn Automation with Geb and Spock course is going to give your profession a push to advance in robotization field.

So seek after a superior learning to all of you.

What are the prerequisites?

No need of earlier information of Groovy, Selenium WebDriver or Geb.

What am I going to get from this Learn Automation with Geb and Spock course?

Learn Geb starting with no outside help

Learn page object demonstrating and its usage

Comprehend the significant utilization of Spock Testing Framework

Quantitative comprehension of CSS Selector

Learn essentials of Groovy Script

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