Friday, April 28, 2017

Raaz Bhuiyan

Social Media Queen Course Bundle Discount - 97% Off

Social Media Queen Course Bundle Discount
Grow Your Following on Your Favorite Platforms & Start Bringing in Major Cash

Included 6 online courses in this bundle discount offer:

Course No. 1 : The Ultimate YouTube Diva Course: Get Paid to Make Videos
Go Viral, Reach the Top of the YouTube Charts, & Get Paid to Do It!
Course Duration : 6 hours
Number of Lectures : 57

Course No. 2 : Your A-Z Guide to Making Cash on Social Media
Get to Know All Six Popular Social Networks & Use Them to Build Your Online Biz
Course Duration : 6.5 hours
Number of Lectures : 98

Course No. 3 : Become a Twitter Pro: Gain 100,000+ Twitter Followers in 2017
Uncover the Twitter Tricks for Building a Massive Following!
Course Duration : 4 hours
Number of Lectures : 49

Course No. 4 : Learn the Secrets of Facebook Marketing Professionals
Want to Use Facebook for More Than Stalking Your High School Friends?! Learn to Use Facebook for Marketing
Course Duration : 14 hours
Number of Lectures : 55

Course No. 5 : Instagram Marketing Crash Course
Use Instagram to Build Your Audience, Your Brand & Your Business
Course Duration : 2 hours
Number of Lectures : 23

Course No. 6 : The Guide to Pinterest Marketing
Create Amazing Pinterest Campaigns & Actually Start Making Money Off Them, Too!
Course Duration : 1 hour
Number of Lectures : 12

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