Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Raaz Bhuiyan

Introduction to CAD for Engineers - udemy Course 100% Off

Introduction to CAD for Engineers - udemy Course
By the end of this Introduction to CAD for Engineers course, you will be able to:

Use Fusion 360 software to design, simulate, and a render a photo-realistic digital prototype of a kick scooter.
Access A360, a cloud based collaboration tool that allows you to view, share, review, and find all your project data in one place.
Model kick scooter parts using parametric modeling techniques.
Model kick parts using free form tools.
Simulation: safety factor, stress and deflection.
Collaborate with other designers.
Perform simulations to validate the design.
Document a part.
Animate an assembly.
Create an STL file for a 3D print.
Generate the g-code to machine a part.

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