Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch [100% Off worth 99$]

Master Cassandra DB concepts and techniques for professional web development

Cassandra is the high performance open source distributed database system. It showed the highest growth rate among new database systems and is poised for huge growth. Our course aims to provide you with everything you will need to get started with Cassandra DB. The Course starts with basic Cassandra Concepts and follow it up with CQL and finally teaches you to build a real application using Cassandra and NodeJs. The following sections are covered in the course

Cassandra Overview
Cassandra Data Model
Internal Working

Cassandra Installation

Cassandra Query Language
Tables and Queries in Cassandra
Crud operations in Cassandra

Project Building in Cassandra
Build a Simple Twitter Clone application using Cassandra and Nodejs

The course includes presentation files, source code and video training materials and follows an easy to assimilate pedagogy with practical focus to teach you all the tips of the trade.

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