SAT Critical Reading Mastery : A Better Score Guaranteed

Follow these strategies, tips and practice problems to drastically improve your SAT Critical Reading score.

For many students, the Critical Reading section is the most challenging. How can someone possibly get better at READING in a short period of time?

Well, there is NO magic bullet.

But, by practicing the techniques discussed in this course and completing all the practice questions (12 assignments + a full-length critical reading exam), your reading abilities will improve and you’ll achieve a higher score on the SAT.

This course contains a range of videos which are meant to work together to make sure that you fully understand effective SAT techniques and also how to apply them. It will go something like this:

-introduce a strategy
-example question
-practice on your own
-review the practice questions in a video

This cycle will repeat throughout the course. The strategies build on each other so that the things you learn in the first lesson will still come up even at the end of the course.

I am so confident your score will improve that I am willing to extend a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

So what does this course include?

  • Tried and true strategies for every part of the reading section
  • Analysis of every section and question type
  • Example questions demonstrating the strategies in action
  • Example passages and questions detailing the way that you should approach every passage
  • 12 assignments and a full length Critical Reading exam with walk-throughs and explanations.
  • The "Big Vocabulary List" - a collection of vocabulary words that are frequently tested and MUST be memorized.

Unrestricted, unlimited access to my time in the Questions section of the course - I’m here to answer any and all SAT related questions.
I look forward to seeing you in the class.

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