Java Fundamentals with Java 8 by Examples - Coupon 90% Off

If you always wanted to learn Java but you wanted to learn it with the most updated version, then this course is for you

Java Fundamentals with Java 8 by Examples
Java can be frightening to learn, but this course makes it easy by stepping you through all of the critical Java concepts and getting you started quickly. Whether you are already an experienced programmer or new to programming in general, this course it designed to teach you to program in Java.

In part 1 of this Java Fundamentals with Java 8 by Examples course we will learn about the basics of the Java programming language with more advanced topics being covered in the second part in this course.

Part 2 continue where we stopped in Java fundamentals with Java 8 by examples Part 1. We learn a few more advanced languaged features in Java such as exception handling and annotations. We also look at some of the commonly used Java Class Libraries used to implement collections, threading and I/O in Java.

Part 3 of this course covers the most useful parts of Java 8. This update of the Java platform is the biggest of all. It's even bigger than Java 5 that saw the introduction of generics. We'll start with lambda expressions and the Stream API, which bring new fundamental patterns to the Java platform. Many issues solved with the Iterator pattern are now solved much more efficiently with the patterns brought by the Stream API. But Java 8 is not only about lambdas, streams and collectors, there is also a new Java Date and Time API which are covered in this part. This API fixes all the flaws of the previous Date/Calendar API and brings new, very useful, concepts and tools. Many new features that bring a functional programming approach have been added to the Collection API. This is also covered in detail. Many more things are covered; little things, sprinkled here and there in the JDK, like this new StringJoiner class, useful to join strings with a prefix, a postfix, and a separator. JavaFX and Nashorn are also quickly covered, to show the FXML way to describe Graphical User Interfaces, and the new ways to describe JavaFX in Javascript using Nashorn.

Are you excited as I’m now to learn Java from scratch with java 8 ? so le’s get started !

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