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Kindle Marketing Secrets to Getting the Title, Description and SEO Right so Amazon Will Sell Your Kindle eBooks FOR You

When you hear the word "marketing" do you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach like I do? Can you feel yourself slogging around the internet trying to think of yet another interesting blog or Facebook post to "keep the attention" of your potential readers?

This course is designed to help you to get all of your Kindle eBook's "on page" information right so your Kindle books will sell themselves. You do this by researching quality keywords and incorporating those keywords into compelling titles, subtitles and descriptions. If you do this right, the search engines will send traffic to your books in the form or potential readers and those readers will feel compelled to buy your books once they arrive.

This course will also show you how to create a compelling cover to help it stand out in the sea of Kindle cover thumbnails that show up in Amazon's search results.

Finally, you'll learn how to use KDP Select to promote your book for free to boost sales, get reviews, and attract more readers.

You won't hear me saying, "Just spend 11 hours per week doing tweets, Facebook posts and providing tons of free content in your email blasts and you'll boost your sales."

That stuff works, but if you're like me, you're BUSY! You need Kindle marketing strategies that you can implement ONCE that will keep working hard for you in the weeks, months and years to come.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  1. Market your Kindle eBooks without actually doing any marketing
  2. You'll simply use Amazon's marketing power and SEO to help Amazon market and sell you eBooks FOR you
  3. How to write killer SEO titles so your Kindle eBooks are marketing themselves
  4. How to write killer SEO descriptions so your Kindle eBooks are marketing themselves
  5. How to write a killer SEO keyword list for your book's meta data page so your Kindle eBooks are marketing themselves
  6. How to give away books to boost your reviews, sales rankings, visibility and ultimately sell more eBooks
  7. 3 Essential elements of a cover that will sell vs. a cover that will fail
  8. How to understand your customer's emotions and needs and show them that they want to buy your book
If you're ready to improve your sales without all of the tedious outside marketing, click on the Take This Course button or check out one of the Free Preview Lectures and get started today.

Thanks for choosing this course and I'll see you inside!

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