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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 beginner through advanced training focused on all the commonly used aspects of PowerPoint 2013

Want to Take Your Presentation Slides to a Whole New Level? Enroll in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner Through Advanced Training

You may think you know Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, but you don't know jack if you don't how to use advanced animation to bring your boring static slides to life.

Your PowerPoint slides may be information packed but may also lack visual impact if you're not familiar with the use of shapes, word art and smart art.

You're presentations are going to collect dust on your computer if you don't learn how to produce them and share them on the Internet.

Hi, My Name is Brian, and I'd Like to Teach you Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

We'll begin by reviewing a set of orientation lectures that will familiarize you with the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 window and screen layout.

Next we'll cover the basics of PowerPoint in which you'll learn to create simple, bulletted item based presentations.

Then we'll learn to insert visual elements into your presentations to add impact and help convey your message.

Finally, we'll look into advanced animation techniques and how you can record and share your finished presentations on the Internet.

If You're Finally Ready to Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, I'm Prepared to Teach You

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 like a professional. I'll teach you the basics from the ground up, spice things up with some intermediate additions, and finish things off with advanced automation and presentation production techniques. This course provides complete Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 from beginner through advanced training.

You'll learn the basics:
  1. PowerPoint Window and Screen Layout
  2. Creating and Saving Presentations
  3. Inserting, Deleting and Moving Slides
  4. Editing Slide Contents
  5. Configuring Slide Transitions
  6. Adding Simple Automation
Then we'll add some intermediate flourishes:
Insert pictures, text boxes, shapes, smart art, tables, charts and graphs.

Finally, we'll finish the course off with some advanced topics in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner Through Advanced Training:
  1. Advanced Automation
  2. Advanced Presentation Production
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