Neuromarketing To Close More Deals [ 100% Off Udemy Coupon ]

Anticipate unconscious reactions and provide the ultimate sales

Have you ever been in a sales situation where you were absolutely convinced you had the best solution for your prospect, but still lost the deal? Even the best of us has experienced this paradox.

Selling today is tougher than ever because:

  • Buyers are more sophisticated, and they are inundated with information.
  • Competition is more intense.
  • Sale cycles are longer.
  • Buying by committee is more common.
  • Resistance to normal closing techniques has increased.

Fortunately, learning about Neuromarketing will quickly increase your selling effectiveness, enabling you to push your target audience's "BUY BUTTONS" and rapidly achieve the following:

  1. Deliver convincing sales presentations.
  2. Shorten you sales cycle.
  3. Close more deals.
  4. Create effective marketing strategies.
  5. Radically improve your ability to influence others
  6. Increase your opportunity to retain and enhance Customer Loyalty
  7. Mastering the Three of the Most Powerful Selling Techniques Known to Man

You will also learn how to craft compelling message in your marketing material and on you website that will bring you a constant flow of new prospects. These techniques can even be used to raise money for your business or to gain new jobs or promotions.

Contents and Overview

In less than one hours of content including 11 lectures this course covers the 5 Social Proofing Rule and the 3 Most Powerful Selling Techniques.

In this course we're covers the importance of the social proofing on landing page to make the user Perform the action that you want him to do.

Then we're going to look at three of the most powerful selling techniques known to man. Some might call them the twisted twins of social validation.

So if you really want to understand how to increase conversions, it's those split second judgments that you need to learn and embrace.

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