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Coupon - Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers
Pro classic studio secrets of hitmakers: learn these fancy production tricks to get an edge in any studio--even at home!

Learn tricks of hit producers and engineers, even without pro studio experience, immediately – you can use the same pro studio tricks most newbies ignore to skip over years of trial and error!

Please - if you're looking for shortcuts and presets, don't take this course. You'll need to study the course and grasp the concepts, which I've taught total newbies. These are secrets that you can't rely on physics teachers and electronics engineers to teach you—you need someone who speaks your language.

All you need is the willingness to experiment in the studio, and a dedication to improving your tracks.

About this Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers course:

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Enroll in this Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers course now to learn the essential physics of sound for a creative edge over other producers, engineers, and musicians in the competitive world of music. Put the physics of sound to work for you immediately. You will gain insight and practical understanding of how the physics of sound affects your mixes, the sound quality of your music, and your ability to trust your own ears and equipment. This course will focus extensively on knowledge that can be applied to your work immediately, repeatedly, and throughout your career, making you more competitive in the world of music and audio.

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