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Designed for complete beginners. Practical examples! Build apps for Android, HTML5 and even iPhone and Windows Phones.

This work teaches you by building apps: an awesome quiz game, cute puppies, and online training app. Yes - no coding necessary. You will learn how to publish your project in HTML5 for online viewing on any platform and as an app for Android rings. You may even convert it for iPhone and Windows platforms (Windows 7/8/10, Windows Phone). They will use a fascinating application called Opus Creator that lets you design brilliant apps and games in hours. There is a trial version of this application so you do not must buy a license to play with it!

Do you need to design cold apps and games with zero programming experience and no coding? You are in the right place! You will be amazed how simple and simple it is.

This course will cover:

  1. Overview of Opus Creator
  2. Interface and menus
  3. Buttons, pages and actions
  4. Adding your own graphics and photos
  5. Building a quiz
  6. Drag & drop features
  7. Random questions
  8. Layout designs
  9. Splash screens
  10. Adding video and sound effects
  11. Training apps
  12. Publishing your app
  13. Zero coding required!

Contents Overview

In over four hours of content, including 40 lectures, this work covers all you need to know to start generating your own apps & games for mobile rings. I show you lots of practical examples & design a fully working quiz game with random questions & drag&drop features.
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