The Art and Business of Model Photography - Model PhotoShoots Made Simple - udemy course

Are you prepared to start Photographing models, actors, or humans subjects period but don't know where to start?

You are not alone, in fact most photographers start by taking images of anything that comes in to view of the front of the camera mostly abstract non human. Why? Most are frightened not knowing the technique or knowledge to setup a session with a model or even create the idea for the shoot. To add to all the unknowing, the idea of working with people you know or don't know, it is puts you in a all out panic thinking "I need to buy this light, I need a better camera, I need that lens" all before truly understanding why? But wait! What if I told you, the truth is, one time you understand the idea & direction of the shoot, the tools you need to accomplish this objective comes in to Clear Focus. In this personal training coursework, they take step at a time putting together a whole picture shoot from start to finish.

They start with generating idea boards, this is where they put together a collection of images that closely represent our vision they have in mind for the picture session. Next, they explore different lighting styles/modifiers that help us tell the story before finishing the actual picture shoot. Most photographers at this point may have tiny experience using a flash or a lovely choice of lenses so In this section they use a 3d lighting program to help us explore the effects of any lighting tool & how different lenses effect the subjects actual time. Trust me this technique helps you save money, only purchasing or renting tools that reflect you are style & vision. Next it is time for the live picture shoot where they follow through with all the planning put in place. On set they make any adjustments needed & execute the plan. Let's proceed to post production where they explore how to best select the images that captured our expected vision. Here they use lightroom to audition what photo's work best for our use before they head over to photoshop where they build on the changes made in lightroom to complete the project. Now that they have a complete picture prepared, does it make the cut to our online portfolio? Find out how they market the picture to generate interest from models, actors, magazines & more.
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