Learn how to create a WordPress theme using Pinegrow - udemy 100% free

Learn how to create a WordPress theme using Pinegrow
From your HTML template to a fully functional WordPress theme.

What is the work about?

The work is about WordPress theme development using Pinegrow WP a desktop app for Windows, Mac & Linux that lets you build responsive sites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS styling & smart parts for Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS & build WordPress themes on a innovative way.


WordPress, theme, HTML, Bootstrap, development, design, PHP

What kind of materials are included?

Videos only

How long the work take to complete?

About two hours to watch all the videos & one week to master all the techniques, depending on the preliminary knowledge.

Why take this work?

To experiment an innovative way of generating WordPress themes

How is the work structured?

In this work, you will learn :

  1. How to generate a basic WordPress theme in less than twenty minutes
  2. How to generate a basic WordPress theme structure
  3. How to generate a standard WordPress theme structure including header & footer
  4. How to activate your theme in WordPress
  5. How to include site title, site description & links in your templates
  6. How to import HTML content from WordPress in to your HTML template
  7. How to add navigation menus
  8. How to prepare your content to generate a WordPress Loop
  9. How to generate a WordPress Loop
  10. How to generate & use sidebars & widgets
  11. How to generate the most common WordPress templates files
  12. How to generate the SEARCH template
  13. How to generate the SINGLE template
  14. How to generate a screenshot for your WordPress theme
  15. How to include links in your templates
  16. How to make use of the Master Page feature in Pinegrow
  17. How to make your theme prepared for Jetpack plugin
  18. How to generate WordPress Customizer prepared components
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