NLP: Master Your Emotions - Apply Science of Communication - udemy free coupon

Simple NLP techniques to remove fear of speaking in front of others. Exercises to raise your confidence and happiness

Learn proven NLP strategies and techniques that will eliminate your fear and enable you to experience communication on a different level. In the coursework of this coursework you will be led through NLP exercise that when practiced correctly have been demonstrated to make a significant difference in quality of life.

You'll discover how Harvard researchers are at the forefront of modeling...and you'll learn how to apply what they have found. You'll practice time-tested and research-validated NLP techniques that will fill you with instant bravery and make you poised and calm in front of groups.

You'll also learn a number of the most powerful NLP presuppositions. These foundational NLP principles are part of the advanced bonus section and will skyrocket your ability to be an effective communicator, and person!

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