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Photoshop Tools Crash Course: Start Using Photoshop Today
A-Z guide for all of the key tools in Photoshop! This is your one-stop shop, beginners & advanced welcome!

Photoshop is a great tool for editing images, generating graphics, manipulating images, & an boundless number of other makes use of. If you have ever desired to jump right in to using Photoshop, & need an simple way to understand how to make use of all of the tools, take this coursework.

Everything you need to know to start in Photoshop. This coursework goes over all the tools including but not limited to:

  1. Marquee Tool
  2. Lasso Tool
  3. Magic Wand
  4. Spot Healing Brush
  5. Paint Brushes
  6. Clone Stamping
  7. Gradient Tool
  8. Dodge, Burn, Sponge Tools
  9. Type Tool
  10. Shape Tools
  11. More!

Each short 2-6 minute lesson goes over a different tool so that you can watch them everytime you have a spare moment. You can learn the whole coursework in day!

Take this coursework in the event you need to become a serious Photoshop pro! If you are a beginner, this is a great coursework for you. If you have been working with Photoshop for some time, you might learn a brand spanking new thing or !

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