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How To Create a Wordpress Membership Site With ZippyCourses
This work walks through a live Wordpress member site using the ZippyCourses Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress is a widely known platform which may even be utilized for building membership sites.

This work covers a walk through of setting up and using the ZippyCourses membership plugin for Wordpress.

Why take this work?

In the event you ever thought about building your own membership site, this is the ideal work for you to explore the ZippyCourses plugin and receive a full understanding of it is functionality.

I take the time to:

  1. Walk you through setting up ZippyCourses.
  2. Show you why ZippyCourses is a sensible choice for Wordpress membership sites.
  3. Show you how to generate units, lessons, configure pricing, e mail marketing & more.
  4. Show you how to setup a sales page for your ZippyCourses membership site
  5. Speak about principles of "mini courses" and the way you can use these to validate your work ideas.

I even walk you through my own ZippyCourses membership site!

it is a great way to get an understanding if this plugin is right for your work.

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