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Natural Remedies: Learn how to Cure Common Illnesses Fast

A Guide To Treating common Illnesses and aliments with Natural Medicines & Remedies found in your backyard

Grisly survival specialists often neglect their medical training. Or at least they rely heavily on modern medical kits & neglect the bounty of Sister Nature's pharmacy that is free for those who know where to look & how to ask.

Now of work they are not speaking about performing major surgical procedure with a stone knife tree moss for bandages & psychedelic mushrooms for aesthetic but they are speaking about looking after those annoying minor aches & pains & bumps & bruises that crop up in the work of every day life. & although they may not be life threatening. In normal everyday situations in a survival situation, they can basically lead to major complications or health issues if not properly handled as a simple bump, bruise or bloody nose can lead to a serious infection. This work will teach you everything you need to know to make use of Sister Nature's medicine cabinet to your advantage. You will start to look at simple designs, as soothing medicines than a simple collection of leaves, & you'll start to see flowers as far over aromatic table dressings, & in lieu you will notice them for the potent medicines they are.

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