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How to record journal entries, build a General Ledger, Balance Sheet & Income Statement. Over ten Quizzes & exercises.

Instructor Bio: "Gennaro Cuofano matured international experiences for over 10 years between Europe & US. After graduating from Law School, they worked for some time in the legal field. His passion for finance & international business brought him to become an International MBA, with concentration in Corporate Finance.

After finishing his MBA in Spain, at Luiss Business School; they flew to Indiana, where they done the International MBA at University of San Diego. There, they had the chance to learn even more about Corporate Finance from Thomas Copeland, former head of the Corporate Finance Practice at McKinsey. Then, they worked as consultant for a multinational company. With an international team from China & France they built a method to evaluate the workers engagement & knowledge about the product. Finally, they constructed a year plan for the top management of the organization."

Coursework Summary:

Did you know that when you read you retain 10% of the knowledge?

What is the best way to retain knowledge then?

Numerous researches showed that when you put in practice what you learned 75% of the knowledge is retained in the long-term. Although the best result is achieved through Learning by doing". Indeed, you can retain about 90% of the knowledge acquired. For such reason this coursework has been structured around the case study methodology". This system is the most often used in business schools across the globe. This is a unique way of learning. Indeed, through maximum involvement of the student this coursework brings great results with a relative short investment of hard work & time.

In the event you are a beginner willing to learn the inside out of accounting in the most effective way, join The Udemy Accounting Case Study".

You will learn:

  1. How to record Journal Entries
  2. How To build a General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Income Statement
  3. How all the main financial statements are connected to each other

In addition, together with the over0 case studies & quizzes you will learn how to build your financials using excel. Follow the learning method that will give you access to years of practical & theoretical knowledge. Indeed, in addition to the practical material you will have free access to the theoretical coursework "How to become a financial analyst from scratch".

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