Webinar Success: Broadcast Webinars Like A Pro - udemy coupon

How-To Broadcast A Webinar To Promote Yourself To The World - udemy coupon
Learn the tools needed to broadcast a live webinar using WordPress, LeadPages, MailChimp & Google+ Hangouts.

Welcome to the new Udemy course that will show you how to broadcast your first webinar using affordable tools. These are the same tools I use to broadcast my webinars to promote my book, my Udemy courses & to teach others around the globe!

Maximize Your Earnings With Information Taught In This Work!

  1. New Course on Udemy!
  2. Webinars are a popular promotion gizmo that help you reach others around the planet!
  3. Learn the tools I used to sell over one,000 copies of my first Amazon Kindle book! Enroll & finish the work & I'll send you a PDF copy of my book for you to read about promoting your business with social media.
  4. Learn about WordPress, MailChimp, LeadPages & Google+ Hangouts
  5. Webinar Success Tips
  6. Webinar Day Preparation
  7. MailChimp Resources
  8. Building LeadPages for Webinars
  9. Get Your Free Google+ Account
  10. Learn Google+ Hangouts On Air Live
  11. This course has 39 lectures packed filled with useful tips & advice.
By promoting your product, services or business using webinars you will increase your income by reaching new customers & clients 24-hours a day & 7 days a week. I cannot promise overnight success but I do know from my own experience that webinars have helped me grow my own online business. I now work from home & run my business as I travel around the Pacific Northwest where I may even do webinars on the go. With the tools I teach in the work, a laptop computer & web connection you can broadcast anywhere! How cold is that?

This is a course designed to help you learn the tools I teach about & how to market with webinars. I will show you how to start with WordPress, MailChimp, LeadPages & Google+ Hangouts so you can broadcast your own live webinars to the world. Then you can take the recording of the the webinar & replay it forever so you can continue earning income. In the work of the work you can join me in the work discussion & I will answer all of your questions as you get prepared to do your first webinar. I am here for your success so lets start today!

The udemy course covers WordPress, MailChimp, LeadPages but does not go in to detail on these tools. The information taught will give you instruction to start & broadcast your first live webinar.

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