Crowdfunding for Private Label Products - Textbook Included - udemy course coupon

Crowdfunding for Private Label Products- Textbook Included - udemy course
The Mythbuster Work: Crowdfund without Spending 1000s Upfront

Learn how to crowdfund without spending 1000s of dollars upfront. You can successfully crowdfund an innovative private label product with this step-by-step guide.

The objective of this work is to give you a promotional strategy & planning guide so that you can successfully crowdfund a PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCT to sell through Amazon, your own dropship store, or through a chain retail store.

In case you have tried crowdfunding before & failed or taken other crowdfunding courses this is the ideal work for you. This work does not parrot the same articles & resources on crowdfunding. I called this work "the mythbuster course" because you will find following my strategy you do not need what lots of publications demand. You will find that you DO NOT NEED:

to spend 1000s on your campaign video
pay money for Pay-per-click ads (No Facebook or Google ads)
to spend months trying to get media coverage

This work covers topics not covered in ANYWHERE ELSE like...

how to generate a video without spending 1000s on a videographer
how to properly curate a social media campaign without needing 1000s of followers
covers innovative ways to build your audience

In case you are currently thinking of crowdfunding a product, even your own inventiion, this work will increase your confidence & give you a more control over your campaign outcome