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Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear coupon
You cannot learn programming by reading books. Code your way to confidence by solving puzzles & master the craft!

The motivation behind this Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear coursework came from an news story titled "Why Cannot Programmers Program?" by Jeff Atwood. It talks about how poorly plenty of candidates perform in coding interviews.

Surprisingly a large fraction of candidates, even those with Masters degrees & Phds in computer science, fail in the coursework of interviews when asked to carryover out basic programming tasks such as repeat over a loop & print numbers from one -10 . Or solve the common fizz buzz issue. & I have experienced this first hand when I interview candidates for program development positions. They could have an impressive academic background as well as experience in various technologies & program projects, but when posed with an fascinating programming issue, their code falls apart. The fact is, you don't need a college schooling to become a lovely programmer. Basically there is a large divide between individuals who can program & those that can't. It is my experience that the difference has to do with mastering the essential building blocks of programming. & thats fundamentally method level coding & the mastery of topics like string manipulation, lists, loops, logic & recursion. These are essential granular parts shared by all programming languages. Think of these as the tools a programmer can use to solve issues. & you gotta know your tools well to be proficient at the craft!

You can't learn programming by reading books. The fact is you need plenty of practice. In case you require to be a superb programmer, you need to program a lot & work on solving challenging issues that stretch your capabilities. This coursework offers a systematic & structured way for you to acquire that practice using only a subset of the java language without getting side tracked in other areas of program development. Every idea comes with a coding challenge. I ask you to try solving the challenge by yourself before I go over the solution in detail. This approach has worked time & time again for my students.

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